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Grand Open!

Welcome to all the visitors !
Midori Karashima Official Fan Club
Green Fields 🌿 Tsubuan

Midori Karashima fan club starts from June 1st
I moved to this Green Fields bean paste.
First, register your Bitfan ID! Please register by referring to "How to join" in the content (free of charge)
Register for Green Fields and grow Midori's pasture together
Benefits Lots of πŸŒΏπŸ„πŸ‚πŸƒπŸŒΏ
Priority advance reservations and benefits for concerts
⭐️ Midori Karashima's concert priority advance reservation
Participation in a member-only event
⭐️ We will hold a member-only event
Live report
⭐️ Original long reports and dialogues such as concerts
⭐️ We will upload original photos that can only be seen here.
Tsubuan radio, video and leisurely diary
Read letters, daily videos and diaries. I want to update it frequently, just for the bean paste πŸ˜…
⭐️ Eventually, I would like to enjoy interacting with everyone through live distribution and chat.
Birthday message
⭐️ Congratulations on delivering original videos and messages of Shinjima on your birthday as a member
Azuki and Gallery
Deliver off-shots and videos taken by the manager from the manager's perspective
Overhanging content.
Maybe I'll release some hidden videos that I've taken to upload somewhere! ??

✳️ Some may be open to the public.
✳️ The content will continue to grow and change. Please look forward to it! ️

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The staff will share your message to Midori Karashima and your opinions and requests for the fan club. Some of the messages you receive may be read by the person himself / herself on the bean paste radio, etc., so if you cannot publish it, please indicate so.

In addition, Please note that we are unable to respond about the message, opinions and requests.

In addition, please note that we will not be able to reply if we judge that we cannot answer your question.

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Midori Karashima Official Fan Club Green Fields Tsubuan Site $4.8 / month

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