Frequently Asked Questions

● How much is the membership fee for "Green fields bean paste"? How do I pay?
・ Membership fee will be 500 yen (tax included) per month from June 1st.
・ Annual payment (collective payment) is not possible.
・ Payment method: You can use "credit card payment" and "mobile company payment agency service" for paid membership registration.

● I tried to register Bitfan ID, new member registration, and takeover registration.
I couldn't do it well.
In addition, if you encounter any problems such as "Cannot log in to the bean paste site", "I'm worried if you can register" etc.
・ Click here for confirmation on the system →  Bitfan Contact

Even if I try to register my ID, I cannot proceed with the procedure because I did not receive a reply email from Bitfan confirming my registration.
* If you do not receive the email, please check again if the email address you entered is correct. Also, check your junk mail folder and promotion folder.
* For carrier mail (docomo, au, softbank, etc.), it may be difficult to receive the mail even if you specify the domain, so we recommend Web mail services such as Yahoo! Mail and Gmail.

See here for details .

● I became a member of Tsubuan. How long can I watch member-only content?
Information such as videos, photos, and messages of member-only content is stored for about 3 months.

● When will I receive an email notifying me of the membership deadline?
Notification of expiration will be sent by email to the registered address the day after the expiration date of the membership.
One month after the end of the membership period will be a renewal grace month, so
For example, if the membership deadline is the end of June, you can re-enroll by July 31st.
You can take over the enrollment date and membership number.

● I have taken over the old member, but I am worried that the registration has been completed.
Please check if the following three information has been taken over on the member information page.
·Join Date
·Membership number
・ Membership deadline

* Click here for the procedure ↓

On this page, we will update the questions you have asked from time to time.



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