How to join _ Part 1 ~ First, register your ID! * Spicy island lecture video available

辛島美登里 公式ファンクラブ Green Fields つぶあん サイト


First, let's register your bitfan ID (free of charge).

The procedure is as follows.

* Regarding the email address to be used, carrier emails (docomo, au, softbank, etc.) may be difficult to receive, so we recommend Webmail such as Yahoo! Mail and Gmail.

For details, please refer to the content "Frequently Asked Questions".

☆ You can also see the lecture video of Midori Karashima by scrolling to the bottom! !!

This is what we can do in May.

Membership registration (500 yen / month) for "Green Fields Tsubuan" will start from June 1st .

Details of Tsubuan membership registration will be posted here at a later date, so please be patient.

"Midori Karashima gives a lecture on how to register a bitfan ID!"



You can check the contects only for VIP member which are posted by owner after becoming a VIP member

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