June News from Minamisatsuma City Diplomat

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Hello everyone.

Did you see "Our Popcon Age Online 2021" the other day?

It's been a long time since I enjoyed the concert! !! It was exciting ~~! !! !!

Those who say "Ah! I missed it !!" or "I was at a loss" are still in time, and there is a missed delivery.

Please take a look. This is a must-see for Midori-don, which is unique to Popcon.

Click here for tickets https://l-tike.com/order/?gLcode=70355


As you may know, I am in charge of the diplomat of Minamisatsuma City in Kagoshima Prefecture, which is the hometown of Kagoshima.

Following the tomatoes, citrus jams and syrups the other day, we received a very nice gift again.

Long-term storage Hombo Shuzo's whiskey "Tsunuki", which is familiar with Shiranui and shochu.

We have uploaded an introduction video of Shinjima, so please see below!

* Minamisatsuma City Hometown Tax Special Site https://furusato-ms.jp

Please note that the products introduced may be out of stock.



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