Cherry blossoms 2021 ~ Tokyo performance ~ (transfer performance)

2022/01/30(Sun) 16:30 -

Curian Large Hall

In response to the national emergency declaration due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection and the emergency measures of Tokyo, the event was postponed on May 4, 2021 "Mitori Shinjima Cherry blossoms 2021 ~ Tokyo performance ~ (including distribution)" 2022 It has been postponed to Sunday, January 30, 2014. * If you have a ticket, you can enter the postponed performance as it is with your ticket. You can use the delivery ticket as it is. The refund period will end from May 26th (Wednesday) to June 20th (Sunday), 2021. Tickets: 7,000 yen (all seats reserved, consumption tax included) Live streaming (ticket fee: 3,850 yen) will also be available at PIA LIVE STREAM. [Inquiries] Capital Village Tel. 03-3478-9999 (Weekdays 12: 00-17: 00)



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