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Hello everyone. I'm a manager.

Although I wrote it as August, it's almost gone in August 💧 It's early!

By the way, as a gift for this time, we sent you "(refrigerated) mandarin orange" and "Nanakubo", the most popular shochu from Toshuzo.
I have never put oranges in the refrigerator because "what I eat after autumn-winter = what I eat without permission" in the Kanto region, so I
wasn't familiar with the chilled "refrigerated oranges". (I used to buy frozen oranges at Ueno station before I got on the limited express (!)), But the chilled oranges I eat in the summer are so delicious! !! It was a shock. I'm addicted to it. Please give it a try!
And, although the story was off from the shochu "Nanakubo" (laughs), the slaughter of Kagoshima was also surprising to me, who was born in the Kanto region. What kind of toso do you have? The story of toso in midsummer is also Nan, but 😅

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[Directly sent from the brewery] Toshuzo Nanakubo

By the way, the next time we can be with you is the online event on September 11th! (You have already purchased the ticket ~? 😏)
I don't want to look back on the past when Karashima watches the concert video with everyone (laughs) It's a shocking project that I can't think of from Karashima until now!
Even if you are new to online events, you can easily access them, so feel free to join us.
We look forward to your participation so that it will not be the first and the last 🤣! !!
Click here to apply ↓ ↓ ↓

"Tsubuan Online Event Vol.1-Midori Karashima in the audience seats !? Let's get excited at the evening cool concert ♪ (with an archive that you can enjoy even if you can not participate on the day)"



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