News from Minamisatsuma City Diplomat from September to October

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Hello everybody! I'm a manager.

It's suddenly getting cold these days ~ I have n't changed my clothes or caught up with my body yet.

By the way, thank you for participating in the live streaming event the other day. There was a happening, but I waited with a laid back feeling, and after all the members of Tsubuan were deeply nostalgic and I felt grateful.

The loose talk between Mr. Shinjima and Mr. Yuki, personally, the interaction between the two was quite a point, and I was listening by my side while watching everyone's comments, but I could not hold back because there were many laughing points. It was a big laugh.

However, online is also fun, but I hope we can have a real FC event soon.

I sometimes miss the fact that I took a group photo while being eaten by mosquitoes at the Takatsuki shrine and that we all had a barbecue at Lake Kawaguchi.

When the online event was over and I looked up at the dark sky, a beautiful moon was floating, and I arrived home talking about autumn, I'm hungry, and I want to launch it. Tohoho. .. .. How long can I not do it (crying)

By the way, I have already cut three months this year. Where did the summer go? I'm lonely because I'm going to rush into winter in autumn with indigestion, but the usual season is about to begin, so I have to prepare for it! So, eat autumn of taste Morimori & drink Tsu SANAE exercise.

Please love yourself at this time when the temperature changes drastically.

Oh yeah, the FC advance for the Christmas concert is until October 24th, so if you haven't done so, please apply early.

The introduction has become quite long, but ...

It's been a while, but Minamisatsuma City sent me another special product, so

I would like to introduce you to the two months together.

This time, we have 3 kinds of authentic shochu, new rice, and pumpkin pudding.

The new rice was sent to me before, but it was chewy and delicious! And pumpkin pudding! It was a delicious dessert unique to this time of year, with a texture of "certainly !!" Enjoy watching the video to see what is "certainly !!" (laughs)

So, here is the Minamisatsuma City hometown tax payment site ↓

Minamisatsuma City Hometown Tax Payment Site



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