Short Ver. Evening Cool Concert 2021 ~ Summer! Go with a yukata (feeling)! !! ♪ Live Report ♪

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2021/09/06 15:24


Delivery & Audience Hybrid Performance Held on August 7, 2021

"Evening cool concert 2021 ~ Summer! GO with yukata (feeling) !!"

We will deliver a live report `` short version''.  

As typhoons 9 and 10 approach the archipelago one after another, tomorrow will be the final day of the Olympic Games, Saturday, August 7, and the annual "Midori Karashima Evening Cool Concert-Summer! Go in Yukata (Mood) !!" it was done. The venue is Kamakura Prince Hotel Banquet Hall Nanarigahama, which is now the home of "Yusuzumi". Last year's "Yusuzumi" was the first live stream in the history of Mr. Shinjima, so fans and Mr. Shinjima should have been impressed with the sharing of the summer for the first time in two years. Unfortunately, the outside of the large glass window over the stage was cloudy, and the venue before the performance, where the rules had penetrated, was extremely quiet, but I'm sure everyone's hearts couldn't wait for the long-awaited moment and were about to rampage. Probably.

From the back of the audience, when Mr. Shinjima, who was wearing a yukata (a large pattern of hydrangea and arrow feathers) unique to "Yusuzumi," appeared, a hot and long applause arose to the fullest. Supporters Harutoshi Ito (g & vc) and Konosuke Osaka (pf & k) walk behind in a bit of astringent yukata. Mr. Harutoshi has been familiar with "Yusuzumi" since it was held at the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse, but this time it's been three years. Mr. Osaka, who was the first to deliver "Yusuzumi" last year, has participated for the second consecutive year. The two, who are well-known for their many co-stars, are perfect for the peaceful mood of "Yusuzumi". As many of you may have noticed in the rehearsal video uploaded in advance with "Tsubuan", he is a wonderful musician who responds to the request of Queen Unreasonable Buri with high skill.

While such reliable nights are in the defensive positions on both sides of the stage, Mr. Shinjima stands at the center and looks out over the venue with all feelings. Then, "Thank you for coming in a lot of ways," he said, "Thank you for coming," and first of all, thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who delivers support from various places such as real life, distribution, and "Thank you! I showed the best smile. While tracing the history of "Yusuzumi", Shichirigahama in the cloudy sky also talked about "the sea of adults" and its taste, and started the concert saying "Let's spend time slowly relaxing".

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Sentence: Miho Fujii Photo: Chie Kato (CAPS) 

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