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Hello everyone, I'm a manager.

It's getting more like autumn, and I'm glad that the laundry is dry in Tokyo because of the continuous sunny weather.

By the way, although it seems a little deja vu, the hometown tax refunds sent from Minamisatsuma City this month are Satsuma mandarin and two kinds of shochu called "Sakurai". Yeah? Is this combination like it was in summer? ??

There was a chilled mandarin orange. But this is the autumn version? So, I got it immediately.

It is a delicious mandarin orange that is fresh and very sweet. It's different from the oranges I bought at the supermarket at home (excuse me! Both ^ ^;). The thin skin is extremely thin, the grains are clear and orange, and it is juicy!

"Cool it in the refrigerator (if you have a frigid area in your house, chill it there)", which has become a familiar way of eating, for dessert after meals.

And what is this real shochu? At the end of the year, there are enough bottles to have a big shochu drinking party, but (laughs)

However, there are so many brands. I want everyone to be able to drink as soon as possible! !! !!

So, here is a video of the Minamisatsuma City hometown tax payment site and the delicious face of Shinjima ^^ ↓

Minamisatsuma City Hometown Tax Payment Site



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